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Gem Busters

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  • Clear Square Die with Gem Stones, Becomes A Ball, Then a flat Disk!
  • Made In The U.S.A.!
  • Skill level; Medium

Gem Busters

This is a Fun & Unique close-up effect!

Basic effect; You start with a clear Cube or Die, with a different colored gem on each side. The performer rolls it between their palms and it becomes a clear Ball, then the performer Slaps it down on the table and it becomes a clear Disc, with the help of some magic and a small clear pocket-sized 4" wand (included).

Or you can perform it in a spectators hand in this manner.....

A gem enbedded clear die is placed on a table and examined by the spectator. The magician picks up the die, places it into his hand, making a fist to conceal the die. Then he waves a small clear plastic wand (wand is included with the trick) over the fist. When the hand is opened, the  die cube has magically changed into a Ball complete with the gem stones. The spectator inspects the gem studded ball and thinks the trick is over. WRONG! The magician places the jeweled Ball into his hand and conceals it in his fist. Again, he makes a few circular motions with the clear wand.  When his hand is opened, the spectator finds that the Ball has been smashed flat into a flat looking clear disc, still complete with the gem stones. This is easy-to-do, visual, close-up magic that will entertain and amaze even the most skeptical audience.

You receive the Three clear gem studded (acrylic die, ball and disc), a clear five inch close-up magic wand with black tips is also included along with details instructions.


Made In The USA!

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