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Gem Busters

  • Clear Die Becomes A Ball, Then Disc..
  • Made In The USA!
  • Skill level; Medium

Gem Busters

This is a Fun & Unique close-up effect!

Basic effect; You start with a clear Cube or Die, with a different colored gem on each side. The performer rolls it between their palms and it becomes a clear Ball, tenth performer Slaps it down on the table and it becomes a clear Disc, with the help of some magic and a small clear pocket-sized wand (included).

NOTE; All clear objects have Six multi-colored gems on them. In the manufactors picture provided it shown the "Gem Buster" in the middle of two Hot Rods. The Hot Rods are not Included. We will shorty update this photo.

Made In The USA!

Media Type Shipped Product

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