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DT Malini Egg Bag

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Danny Tong Malini Egg Bag Routine

This excellent bag for the Malini Egg Bag is supplied by Dan Tong. It comes complete with Bag, plastic egg, and instructions for the basic egg bag effect.

The plot is classic. An egg appears from an obviously empty bag. Then it vanishes and reappears a number of times. Each time the egg vanishes, the bag is convincingly shown to be empty. But the egg comes right back whenever the performer desires. At the finish of the routine, the performer produces a glass of liquid (cordial) from the bag!

The bag supplied is finely stitched from the proper type of material and is as nice a Malini Bag as has been available for some time. Complete with necessary gimmick (not a cover) needed to produce the glass of liquid from the bag at the climax of the routine!


Made from high quality, lightweight, black material. If you ever saw Charlie Miller or Johnny Thompson perform their versions of the Malini Egg Bag - you KNOW what a GREAT trick it is. 

This routine is most effective when you use it with a blown egg. We supply a plastic egg with the bag for practice. but it can also be used in performance as well if you'd rather not go to the trouble to make up the egg. 

Made right to work right. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP, made in the USA.

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