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By Forces Unseen Book

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  • Not The 2021 Reprint Edition!
  • Original 1993 Edition!

This is Not The New 2021 Reprint, but an Original 1993 Copy.

By Forces Unseen Book

The Innovative Card Magic of Ernest Earick 

When one enters card magic, the books are endless. Coming across By Forces Unseen is a special moment in any card magician's growth. It is a pleasure to read. Beautifully written and researched by Stephen Minch, you will find many other books mentioned in the references that will advance your pasteboard path. Ernest Earick is a genius. Simply put when you learn the routines in this book your appreciation for sleight of hand will captivate your imagination. The construction of effects and sleights stand the test of time. It is a must have.

Rarely does card magic come along as strikingly original as that found in this book. When it first appeared in 1993, Ernest Earick's name was little known, and some questioned if the ground-breaking sleight-of-hand described could be done deceptively. The answer, of course, was YES, and By Forces Unseen became an underground classic. Out of print for years, copies have been snapped up, fetching prices of hundreds of dollars. 

Among the effects taught in this truly remarkable volume you will find chosen cards that fly from the deck when you clap your hands, cards that materialize at your fingertips when someone concentrates on them, selections that pop from the middle of the pack with a flick of your wrist...and 17 other extraordinary events. 

Behind the shimmering veil of magic you will discover a rich body of innovative sleight-of-hand that includes motionless one-handed bottom palms, slow-motion fingertip card steals, indetectable palm-to-palm transfers, refined riffle-shuffle work and more. 

Seldom does one find a work of such determined invention and artistry. If you delight in baffling card magic and exquisite sleight-of-hand-in magic that puts you a running cut ahead of your competition-you'll want By Forces Unseen.

Contents Include:

  • Claptrap
  • Proteus
  • Jack Syna(ps)ces
  • Lonely at the Top
  • House Guest
  • The Longitudinal Swivel Steal
  • Thought Manifest
  • Bureau d'Échange
  • Kato-nine-tails
  • Yours, Mine, Yours
  • Alone in a Crowd
  • A Flippant Triumph
  • Bottomland Aces
  • Double Damned
  • Cross Purposes
  • Lustig for Life
  • One Shuffle - One Winner
  • Poker Blind
  • Tandem in One
  • The Case of the Inconstant Player
  • A Little Bit Patter

Please Note: This is NOT the 2021 Reprint edition. This copy ois from the original printing g. It is Not shrink wrapped as it's been sitting in our showroom. It is in "Good Condition" with dustjacket. There is a cut corner on the first blank page, see photo.

Details: By Forces Unseen

The innovative Card Magic of Ernest Earick was published by Hermetic Press.

©1993 by Stephen Minch

216 Pages, Hardbound, Illustrated with dust jacket.

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