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More Self-Working Card Tricks

  • Easy Card Magic!

More Self-Working Card Tricks

By Karl Fulves 

88 Foolproof Card Miracles for the Amateur Magician!

Card magic has captivated man for many centuries. Today, it remains the most popular area of legerdemain, accounting for half of all tricks performed by magicians.
Now Karl Fulves, noted writer in the field of magic, has compiled a new treasury of foolproof card tricks, the definitive sequel to his popular Self-Working Card Tricks. This book contains a wealth of new material — captivating and baffling card wizardry that will amaze your audience and astonish even accomplished magicians.
Fulves shows you how to perform such classic card maneuvers as Miraskil, The Open Prediction, Flip Top and The Jaks Two-Deck Trick. Clear, easy-to-follow directions, complemented by 96 instructive illustrations, help guide the novice through each trick.
Chapters on special areas of card magic and technique include: Impromptu Card Tricks; Two-Deck Card Tricks; Telephone Tricks; Telepathy with Cards; Riffle-Shuffle Setups; and Gambling Secrets.
Neither great dexterity nor long hours of practice are required to master tricks offered in this collection — all succeed instantly by virtue of the step-by-step instructions.
Discover how this rich assortment of self-working tricks will mystify and delight friends and relatives — anyone intrigued by the ancient appeal of "card magic."

Contents Include:

Impromptu Card Tricks
1 Gemini Twins
3 Computer Dating
4 The Dating Game
6 Penny Plain
7 Miraskil
8 The Seven-Up Mystery
9 The Open Prediction
10 Flip Top
12 Television Dice
13 Deckspert
14 Crazy Clocks
16 To Lie or Tell the Truth

Red-Black Mysteries
19 Chromatic Caper
21 Flying Colors
22 Oil and Water
24 Checkers
24 Influential Pairs
26 Red Magic
27 Odd Color Out
28 The Color of Thought

Telephone Tricks
31 Twentieth-Century Telepathy
33 The Percival Code
34 Calling Ms. Wizard
35 The Great Phone Mystery
35 A Remote Miracle
36 Poker by Phone
37 Shylock's Card
39 No Questions Asked
39 The Connection
41 Linear Blackjack
41 The Ultra Code
43 Time Squared

Riffle-Shuffle Setups
45 Stack a Pack
46 Magnetic Colors
47 Self-Matching Colors
47 A Devilish Secret
48 ESP + Math
49 Color Prophecy
50 Blind Choice
52 Replica Poker
53 Posi-Negative Cards
54 Incorporated Color Control
55 Why You Can't Win

Two-Deck Card Tricks
57 Hypnotisn't
58 The Jaks Two-Deck Trick
60 The Dream Deck
61 The Clueless Card Trick
62 Criss Cross
65 Jumpback

Topological Card Tricks
70 The House That Jack Built
71 Moving Parts
74 The Linking Cards

Card-Forcing Secrets
77 The X-Force
78 Hornswoggled
79 Coloroto
81 Cut Deeper
82 On the Lam
83 Speak of the Devil
85 The Stapled Card

Telepathy With Cards
89 The Prediction Deck
90 Last October
91 Mental Rescue
93 Past and Future
94 Houdini's Secret
96 Hex Squared
97 The Square Ring
99 The Unmatch Game
100 The Master Mind

Gambling Secrets
103 Flim Flam
104 Monte Miracle
106 Whiz Bang Poker
106 Any Hand Called For
107 The Omega Bet
110 Aces for Experts
112 Face-Up Poker

Conjuror's Quartet
115 Invisible Con Man
116 The Calculator Card
117 Bandit Aces
118 Houdini Card

Thought-Card Methods
121 Psychorama
122 Thot-Card Monte
123 Hypnodeck
124 Ritual of the Kings
126 Duo Spell

Miracles With Aces
128 Four-Star Aces
129 Ace Triumph
132 Eyewitness
134 Wild Aces

Details: More Self-Working Card Tricks

136 pages, soft covers, perfect binding, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".

96 Illustrations.

Skill Level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 10 to adult.

Media Type Shipped Product

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