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Card News

  • Top Notch Card Material!
  • 132 Pages with over 100 Photos illustrate this book.

Card News

by Christian Scherer

Outstanding Card Magic!! 117 photos and illustrations show you how to do such unusual maneuvers as the Scherer Spread, the Multiple Card Throw, etc.

One hundred sixteen beautiful black & white photographs illustrate this marvelous book, and make it a memorable book to read. The name, Christian Scherer, may not be well know to you, boy he is well known throughout much of Europe. This book was his first major book published in English. Page after page of outstanding card magic! Stuff you'll want to read and use! 

One hundred thirty-two pages of typeset text coupled with the beautiful photos will make it easy for you to learn the 45 tricks described. A sampling of trick titles includes: The Scherer Count, The Scherer Spread, Watch the King, The Traveling Signature, The Homecomers, The Flying Card, Oil and Water Encore, Caught, Visual Change, Is It A Trick?, Complex, The Multiple Card Throw, and many many more!!!

​This book is typeset, photo illustrated and spiral bound. Page size is 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. 


Details:  Card News by Christian Scherer

Introduction by Richard Vollmer

Size; 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, Spiral Bound, Soft covers, 132 pages, copyright 1984, First Edition

NOTE: This is an English laugage reprint of the German 1984 edition by written agreement with Christian Scherer

A Magic Methods Exclusive Product

Tags Ed Marlo, Lewis Ganson, Harry Lorayne, German Magician, Strasbourg Magic book, Richard Vollmer, Magician Christian Scherer, J. Tamariz, Jean Hugard
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