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Stand Up Jumbo Four Card Trick


Stand Up Jumbo Four Card Trick

Here is a professional effect with Jumbo Cards that can become a "standard" in your act. You can perform the "Jumbo Four Card Trick" as a stage or club trick as well as under many close-up conditions.

Here's what the spectator sees. Four blank-faced cards are counted from hand to hand. Then one of the blank faces becomes "printed" with the face of a Joker! The Joker vanishes and appears several times. At the end of the routine, the Joker is seen to also have an odd colored back!! Only four cards are used, three blank-faced cards plus one Joker with an odd colored back! They could be examined, that's all there is!

"Jumbo Four Card Trick" is a versatile, entertaining trick you'll want in your repetoire!

The effect is an adaptation of Alex Emsley's famous "Four Card Trick" which was first introduced to the magic fraternity years ago. BUT THERE ARE DIFFERENCES--In this handling, jumbo cards are used and they are displayed by the performer in front of the chest not at waist level as in Emsley's original effect. This important difference makes the effect highly visible and therefore suitable for use with larger groups. Emsley's original effect made significant use of the "Ghost Count", which later became widely known as the "Emsley Count". This handling also uses a special count which achieves the same result as the original Emsley Count, but with the cards held in front of the performer's chest with their faces or backs facing the audience.

"Jumbo Four Card Trick" is not self-working and is not intended for the merely curious. Practice with the Cards in hand will be required to master the effect. The instructions supplied however are detailed and make the learning easy.

Note These are made with the old thicker style Jumbo Bicycle Cards. Once they're gone that's it!!no more unless USPS decides to make the cards again.


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