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The Pen Hoax -Floating Pen

  • An Ink Pen Floats Behind A Card!

Pen Hoax

by Richard Bartram

From the pages of Richard Bartram's book, Mystification comes this close-up miracle "Pen Hoax", cause disbelief wherever shown. In effect, an ink pen clings to a playing card in various impossible positions, moves downward then moves upward, etc. Finally, for the real kicker, the pen apparently floats in the air behind the card which is held between the performer's hands. 

Complete with a proper pen for the effect (ungimmicked) plus illustrated instructions and two specially prepared playing cards. (two cards are supplied even though only a single card is used in the effect, that way you'll have a spare to use when the first card eventually fails)

Skill Level: Basic. Suitable for ages 14 to adult.

A Magic Methods Product

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