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1994 Coca-Cola Nostalgia Playing Cards /Tin

Only 1 left!
  • One Only Available!
  • Highly Collectible Coca-Cola Item!
  • Two Holiday Decks!

Limited Edition

1994 Coca-Cola Nostalgia Playing Cards

Packaged in a Collectible Decorative Metal Tin

Two decks of playing cards in a collectible Coca Cola decorative metal case. One deck is red border back (this deck has been opened, but not used or shuffled) and the other is green border back(this deck is still in original shrink wrap. The metal tin is in perfect condition with no dents there is a cardboard inner divider inside the tin to separate the two decks of cards. There is a cardboard sleeve used around the tin for packaging and display.

  • Holiday design Coca Cola Santa Theme!
  • 1994 Coca Cola design!
  • Decks Include a Coca Cola 1995 Calendar Card inside with advertising on reverse.
  • Decorative metal case!
  • Coke nostalgia is very collectible!
  • The Item was distributed by the United States Playing Card Company!
  • Cards printed in the USATin made in England. 



Media Type Shipped Product

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Only 1 left!