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USED-Mark Wilson's Greatest Instant Magic Tricks

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  • Used Copy in Excellent Condition!

Mark Wilson's Greatest Instant Magic Tricks

This is a USED Copy, Excellent Condition - we only have One Copy!

More Than Fifty Amazing Illusions You Can Perform Anywhere

This book enables magic enthusiasts to perform a variety of spontaneous tricks including the Coins a Go-Go, the Dissolving Knot, and the Bills from Nowhere and offers tips on stage patter, presentation, and performance personalization.

This book offers instructions for a variety of close-up hand tricks that can be performed in an intimate setting, including the 

  • The most stunning close-up magic tricks of world-famous magician Mark Wilson!
  • Illusions you can perform with everyday objects found around most homes!
  • Complete Step by Step Instructions!
  • Fully Illustrated!
  • Insider Tips on effective showmanship!

Contents Include:

Impromptu Magic 
8 Jumping Rubber Band 
8 Reverse Jumping Rubber Band 
9 Double Jumping Rubber Band I 
10 Double Jumping Rubber Band II 
10 Challenge Jumping Rubber Band 
11 Linking Paper Clips 
11 Linking Paper Clips
12 with a Rubber Band 
13 Jumping Match 
14 Flying Match 

17 Impossible Penetration 
17 Rubber Band Release 
18 Impossible Knot 
20 Do-It-Yourself Knot 
20 Turned-Up Glasses 
22 Knot in Handkerchief

 Card Magic 
24 Automatic Card Discovery 
25 Super Automatic Card Discovery 
25 Fantastic Five 
27 Turnover Card 
29 Double X Mystery 
30 Super Double X Mystery 
30 Super Anytime Double X Mystery 
31 You Do As I Do 
32 Springing the Cards 
33 Arm-Spread Catch 
35 The Waterfall 
36 Throwing a Card 
37 Boomerang Card 

Money Magic 
39 Coin Fold 
40 Coin Through Handkerchief I 
41 Coin Through Handkerchief II 
43 Magically Multiply Your Money 
44 Four Coin Assembly 
47 Finger-Palm Vanish 
48 Coin-Vanishing Handkerchief I 
50 Coin-Vanishing Handkerchief II 
50 Grant's Super Coin-Vanishing
50 Handkerchief 
51 Coin Through Leg 
52 Challenge Coin Vanish 
53 Coin a GoGo
55 French Drop 
56 Copper-Silver Penetration 
58 Shrinking Coin 
60 Classic Palm 
61 Coins Across 
63 Lapping—Pull-Off Method 
64 Coin Roll 
65 Roll Down 
66 Roll the Bills 
67 Bills from Nowhere I 
69 Bills from Nowhere II 

 Genie Cards 
71 Genie of the Lamp 
72 Rollover Force
74 Genie Predicts 
75 Genie Saves the Day
76 Roll Any Number 
77 Genie's Number 
78 Sandwiched Genie 
80 Genie's Library 

Silk and Handkerchief Magic 
83 Hypnotized Handkerchief 
84 Dissolving Knot 
85 Handkerchief Through Handkerchief 
86 Penetrating Handkerchief 

Details: Mark Wilson's Greatest Close-Up Magic Tricks

88 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, size 9 1/2" by 11 1/2".

This book is bound to become a magician's collector's item in years to come.

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