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THE KEY Book Test published by Martin Breese

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Note: This is a previously owned copy, but never used.

THE KEY BookTest

Developed by Terri Rogers, London England

Published by Martin Breese

This is probably the finest book test using special books that has ever been released.

The Effect and barebones method, in a nutshell, are as follows. The spectator is asked to choose between two books. The books he chooses is the one that is used in the effect. The effect can be worked one to one or on a large stage and it could even work over the telephone. Once the spectator has the book in his hands he is asked to choose from inside the book - ANY word whatsoever! He is further asked to ensure that the word is at least five letters or more as the shorter words are so easy for the performer to divine. “The longer the word, the heated it is for me” the performer states. A short dialogue follows. 

Have you found a word? Can you please remember exactly how it is spelled?

— I see an A in the word, Am I correct? I can also see a T and yes… I can see an E. Oh, there is no E…of course I ma confusing it with an R and there is an R…yes. There might also be an S. No S? Now I think I know the word it is …and then the performer reveals the word. It REALLY is as simple as that!

Both books supplied appear different but aren’t. It doesn’t matter which book is chosen. The back covers provide the secret info you need to divining their chosen word.

Get this un-used, previously owned copy for just $139.00 + S&H. We ship worldwide.  

Please Note: The books are in excellent condition showing no wear whatsoever! Please note since this is a consignment sale from one of our VIP customers we can not accept trades or returns on this item, ask questions if you need more info. See photos, thesis the actual copy you'll get.

Special Note: I think several versions of "The Key" were released in 1989 and some had three books others just two, etc. This is the Two book version.

What You get: 

  • Two 192 page perfect bound books in a collectors box.
  • Twelve pages of instructions by Terri Rogers covering all aspects of handling the effect for stage, close-up, patter, repeating the effect, cribs, bonus material, etc.
  • Plus you get Martin Breese’s Advanced Instructions for “The Key”.
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