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The HOUDINI Souvenir Program / Vintage

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The HOUDINI Souvenir Program


How Houdini Really Died


Reproduction by Lee Jacobs Productions, printed in 1979.


This is a very interesting historical piece relating to Harry Houdini.


This is a faithful reproduction of Harry Houdini’s souvenir program. This program was sold at Houdini's appearances for 25 cents at the many theaters he performed in during his tours across America.


  • Contents Include:
  • Introduction about the reproduction by Lee Jacobs
  • Program Cover photo of Houdini
  • Photo of Houdini 
  • Houdini - A Biography
  • Some of the wonderful feats accomplished by Houdini
  • Houdini’s Greatest Thrill
  • Magical Tricks and Illusions - How To Perform Them
    • The Vanishing Matches
    • The Mysterious Thumb Tie
    • The Vest Turning Mystery
    • The Spirit Release
    • The Spirit Knots
    • The Vanishing Knot
    • Surgery Extraordinary
    • The Restored Tooth-Pick
    • Black or Red
    • A Good Coin Trick
    • The Sphinx
    • The Thauma Illusion
    • The Magic Butterflies
    • The Rope Amputation
    • A Subtle Dime Vanish
  • Challenge Letter to any Medium in the world
  • A few personal facts
  • Houdini Expose of Fraud mediums
  • Letter from NYC Police Dept.
  • Houdini Reveals he “Reads” Minds
  • An Ad for L. Lawrence Weber’s Attractions
  • An Ad for Houdini’s published books
  • How Houdini Really Died by Lee Jacobs
  • Advertisements for two other Lee Jacobs Productions Products

Details: The HOUDINI Souvenir Program


24 pages, soft covers, saddle-stitched, size 8 ½” by 11”.

This copy is in excellent shape for its age, with no tears, bending, etc. This copy is from another collection.

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Only 1 left!