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Routines with The Himber Type Ring

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  • Contains Richard Himber's original routine!
  • If you Own a Himber Ring You Need this!

Routines With The Himber Type Linking Finger Ring

With Routines By Ken De Courcy, George Blake, Richard Himber

This book should be owned by everyone who owns the Himber Ring. Routines with the Himber Type contains Richard Himber's original routine, as well as a wide variety of additional effects that can be accomplished using this deceiving tool. Some of the effects included are: Staggering (The Original Routine), Chinese Coins & Rings, Ring, Pin and Cord, Bewilde "Ring", Ring and Loop, plus much more. Very limited quantities are available.

Contents Include:

  • De-Luxe Himber Type Linking Finger a Rings: advertisement for the ring, and credit to Richard Himber
  • StaggeRING (Richard Himber): Richard's original routine
  • The K de C Triple Link (Ken de Courcy): Ken's routine incorporates three borrowed finger rings and a cord
  • About Rings and Things (George Blake): a nice essay with some history and some tips
  • Ring, Pin and Cord (George Blake): "My Favorite Routine". The magician's finger ring comes off a cord held by the two ends by a spectator and ends up on a safety pin
  • Chinese Coins & Rings (George Blake): Chinese coins and a borrowed finger ring are secured on a rope with the performer's ring blocking the way off the string. Under cover of a handkerchief, however, the borrowed ring and coins are removed, while the performer's ring remains.
  • A Ring and Loop 'o String: a puzzle for the spectator to put the ring on the string (and take it off)
  • Sefalaljia by Hand!: a non-gimmicked finger ring on string release
  • BewildeRING! (Himber and Blake): an expanded version of Richard Himber's original routine
  • Concluding Remarks

Details: Routines with The Himber Type Linking Finger Ring
with George Blake, Ken de Courcy, and Richard Himber.
©1978 Supreme Magic Co., England
16 Pages, Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8x10", 

A Supreme Magic Publication


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