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Patent Pending by Roger Barkann

  • This Act could be Updated for Modern Audiences!
  • Political Humor With magic!

Patent Pending


"Magic Is The Mother Of Invention"

By Roger Barkann

A hilarious act wherein a magician rides the Washington Merry Go Round. Here is a patter and presentation routine with which the author brought down the house. You patter right along with magical solutions to all the problems confronting the U.S. Government:  war, peace, employment, hunger, G.I.'s, housing, etc.  So flexible that you use the tricks you already own, or you can add almost anything you like. 

Contents Include: 

  • Foreword by Harold Rice
  • Introduction
  • The Act
  • Paper Tearing Trick - Fresh Finish
  • Calypso Magazines
  • Anti-Gravico
  •  Penetrating Glass
  • Vanishing Cigarette
  • he Pekin Wands
  •  Chinese Rice Bowls
  • Sliding GlueSuggestions and Adaptations

Details:  Patent Pending

by Roger Barkann

Edited by Bob Novak

16 printed pages, softcover, saddle-stitched, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2"

Copyright 1944

Tags Book
Media Type Shipped Product

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