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Miguel Gomez The Joy of Magic

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  • Includeds a Bonus DVD!
  • HardBound Book!

Miguel Gomez The Joy of Magic

Hardbound Book with Bonus DVD

Written by Luis Alberto Iglesias

his book is an open door into the work and character of Miguel Gómez, one of Spain's most renowned magic stars. In its pages you will find a balanced collection of routines, sleights, and essays of the highest magical caliber. Those who have long thought that the magic of Miguel Gómez was inaccessible to all but the most technically gifted were wrong. The effects selected for this volume are within the reach of magicians of average technical competence. 

The Joy of Magic captures Miguel's thinking and performing style with the same clarity and openness that Miguel displays in his lectures and classes. Here is your chance to learn from one of the great modern card specialists. Discover The Joy of Magic with Miguel Gómez! 

Includes a bonus DVD with selected effects from The Joy of Magic -- 

  • Special Moments 
  • The Four Elements 
  • Production in Two Parts for Four Coins and One Invisible Purse 
  • Needle through Coin 
  • Mini Wild Card 
  • Magician Makes Good 
  • My Handling of Bro. Hamman's "Final Aces" 
  • Card through Handkerchief 
  • A Visual Transposition 

...And much more!


"I assumed that I was going to be in way over my head and my abilities. Instead, I found the book taught me so much more than difficult sleights. As the title implies, it creates a Joy of Magic and helped me look forward to practicing. Highly recommended."-Rolando Santos, Linking Ring Magazine

Details: Miguel Gomez The Joy of Magic Written by Luis Alberto Iglesias

pages, hardbound, with bonus DVD included, size 9.8 x 7.0 x 0.8

Skill Level: Advanced beginner, suitable for ages 16 to adult.

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