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Magic From The PARADE #1 as Selected by Phil Willmarth

  • Direct From The Pages of THE LINKING RING magazine, that Phil edited for many years.
  • Effects with Cards, Rope, Stage items and even a mental trick.
  • Check out The Marin Gardner items!

Magic From The PARADE #1 

As Selected by Phil Willmarth

This booklet contains what Phil thought were some of the best items from “The Linking Ring” Magazines’ “Parade Columns” through the years. Those unfamiliar with this magazine, it is the monthly magazine of The International Brotherhood of Magicians of which Mr. Willmarth was the editor for many years. 

Contents include Effects with a handkerchief, rope, a key, a ring, playing cards, and a mental card effect.

List of Effect Titles:

  • Gene Grant’s BAGGED
  • Impromptu Vanisher (Courtesy of Martin Gardner)
  • Stretching a Handkerchief (Courtesy of Martin Gardner)
  • Grandma’s Needle (Courtesy of Martin Gardner)
  • Jumping Hanky (Courtesy of Martin Gardner)
  • Impromptu Haunted Hank
  • The Flame Thru the Hank – It’s a Gas!
  • The Poco Presto Dazzler
  • Hitch A Spectator
  • Multiple DJ Knot
  • The Daisy Chain (Courtesy Ric Johnsson)
  • The Acrobat
  • New One-Hand Knot – with Ring
  • Spot-Key (Courtesy of Martin Gardner)
  • Gen Grant’s Triple Stop Trick
  • Elmsley Count
  • Jordan Count
  • Futuristic Art (Courtesy Stewart James)
  • A Si Stebbins Kink (Theo Anneman)
  • Bill Miesel’s Utility Chart

DETAILS: Magic from the Parade #1
Copyright 1984Sixe 81/2″x11″ Soft covers, saddle-stitched, 24 pages

The copies we have are direct from the Philip Willmarth Estate – we have a VERY LIMITED supply – ORDER NOW!!


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