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Flash Paper Tips

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  • A Historical Book about the Uses of Flash Paper.

Flash Paper Tips 

By Stuart Robson & RalphW. Read


This little booklet is crammed with applications for flash paper. This booklet combines two previous editions known as “Tips On Flash Paper”  and “More Tips on Flash Paper” plus added material. This is a valuable reference guide.


Contents Include:

Foreword by Paul Fried, Publisher and President of D. Robbins

Introduction from the previous editions

General Comments Regarding Flash Paper

Opening Effects

Effects using Cigarettes, Cigars, Flames, Matches, Ashtrays, Etc.

Effects with Money

Effects with Cards

Effects with Silks

Effects with Balls

Effects with Paper

Effects with Flowers

Effects with Rope

Effects with Milk

Miscellaneous Effects

Gags, Stunts and Bits of Business

A few pages consist of a mini catalog of ads for other D.Robbins publications



Flash Paper is a very dangerous material, unless handle by professionals trained in proper safe handling, storage and application of it. We take no responsibility for any accidents or injuries cause by a reader not heading our warning of Not to attempt Any of the effects described in this booklet without proper training by a professional pyrotechnician. 

Because of the nature of this dangerous material, we do Not sell this book to those under 21 years of age. 

Magic Methods sells this booklet strictly for historical purposes only and encourages it’s readers to Not try any of the effects describe within. This book was written in the 1950’s when fire laws, use permitting and other issues were much different. 



Illustrated by Edw. E. Mishell

Forward by Paul Fried, President of D. Robbins

56 Pages, Size 5 1/2” by  8 1/2” Soft bound, Saddle stitched, copyright 1937

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Only 1 left!