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Expert Hocus Pocus by Alton Sharpe

  • A Fine Reprint!
  • Assorted Close-up & Platform Magic!
  • Excellent Material!

Expert Hocus Pocus

By Alton C.  Sharpe

Another great book from Alton Sharpe! Not only fantastic card effects, but other items such as rope magic, linking rings, vanishing bird cage, money magic are explained! A special chapter on Openings will start you thinking about some terrific ways to begin your act! Card effects include Sharpe's version of Cards to Pocket, Card in Wallet, Riser's Aces, and much more. Add this to your library of Sharpe magic!

Contents Include:

7 Photograph of Author
9 Foreword
11 Introduction
13 Remarks by Alan Keith: Chicago, 1960
15 A Word About the Author and the Book (Bob Parrish)
17 Young Man from Texas (C.R. Tracy): 1948
19 Preface
21 Dedication
23 Acknowledgment

25 Chapter 1: Magical Openings
27 The Devlish Watch: pocket watch finds its way back to the chain
29 A Smart Opening: gloves and silks
30 The Proverbial Opener: Jardin Ellis / Tommy Martin Glass of Liquid production
32 Thread It: another method for the glass production
33 Jackie Gould's Idea: using foil
33 Snap! Snap! Snap!: barehanded production of handkerchiefs
34 The Ring and the Rose: a borrowed finger ring vanishes and a rose is found in its place, the ring is in an envelope
37 A Phantom Tube Becomes a Small Illusion: gold fish

39 Chapter 2: Money Magic
41 The Bill in Cigarette Mystery
44 An Infallible Illusion: another version
47 Billo: bill removed from spectator's cigarette
48 The Modern Banker: novel hat load for coins

55 Chapter 3 Card Magic
57 My Version of Cards to Pocket
62 Master Card in Wallet: described mainly how to gimmick the wallet
65 Riser's Aces: a four Ace effect
67 The Twenty Card Trick: cards across
72 The Rising Cards: Jan Martin's mechanical deck
74 The Impromptu-Promptu Rising Cards: using a wristwatch reel
78 Sharpe's Ultra Deck Switch: using a leather card case
80 Initialed Transposition: initialed card transpo
82 Split-Second Revelation: a quick peek
83 A Lesson in Misdirection: Three cards pass to counted packet
85 Doubleback-Doubleface: deck appears to be all backs
86 Affinity Unrefuted: selection and its matches reverse in deck
92 Red and Blue Enigma: selection in blue deck matches reversed card in other deck
95 The Spectator Stab: deck stab thru newspaper
99 Hide and Seek: sleight of hand cards
111 Cardflight: red and blue deck effect by Don Alan
113 Marlo's Perfection Card Switch: for one or several cards

127 Chapter 4: Rope Magic
127 A Bit of History
131 Night Club Rope Routine: a cut and restored routine

139 Chapter 5: The Chinese Linking Rings
141 My Oriental Ring Mystery: uses 2-linked, 1 single, 1 oversize single, and 1 key; 10" rings recommended.

149 Chapter 6: The Vanishing Bird Cage
151 Repeat Vanishing Bird Cage
152 Holding Cage in Sleeve: method to use as an opener
153 Unbelievable (Harry McDaniel): idea with a rope
156 Alan Keith's Presentation
158 Letter from Okito

159 Chapter 7: A Glittering Panorama of the Magic World
161 A Pageantry of Memories: an essay of magicians


Details:  Expert Hocus Pocus by Alton C. Sharpe

173 pages, softcover, saddle-stitched, size 51/2" by 8 1/2".

illustrated with easy to follow photographs. 

Media Type Shipped Product

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