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Expert Card Technique: Close-up Table Magic

  • A Classic Book Evey Magician Should Read!
  • 448 Pages! Weighs Over A Pound!
  • 318 Illustrations Make Learning Easy!

Expert Card Technique: Close-up Table Magic

By Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue

"One of The Best Basic References on Card Magic & Sleight-of-Hand Ever Written!"- Jerry Mentzer

If you have ever tried to do a card trick and failed, you know what it is to be embarrassed. You may try to cover up by doing a more difficult trick and fail again. The way out of this dilemma, however, is not immediate, but it is reliable: a surer mastery of technique. This means the proper instruction book and practice.
In this definitive work on card technique, step-by-step instructions teach you the correct methods for the basic manipulations and the more advanced flourishes and only then allow you to learn tricks. Offering the most foolproof methods available, Jean Hugard and Fredrick Braue explain such basic manipulations as the palm, the shuffle, the lift, the side slip, the pass, the glimpse, the jog, and the reverse. They detail various false deals, crimps, and changes and the more advanced execution needed for forces, fans, and the use of the prearranged deck. Also presented is a wide variety of tricks, including discoveries, self-working tricks, one-handed tricks, stranger cards, and such individually famous tricks as the four aces, the rising cards, and the Zingone spread. In addition, the authors include a complete compendium of shakedown sleights — to warn the card player and aid the entertainer — and a performer's guide to misdirection and patter.
Many of the methods explained were revealed here for the first time, while many previously known tricks are presented in improved versions. In every case, the aim is the simplicity of technique for the purpose of mystifying an audience, not technique for the sake of technique. An unsurpassed collection of methods and manipulations, this classic work will help any aspiring magician to achieve expert card technique.

Contents Include:
Part 1. Sleights
Chapter 2. False Deals
 Chapter 3. The Side Slip
Chapter 4. The Pass
  Chapter 5. Palming
Chapter 6. False Shuffles
 Chapter 7. False Cuts
Chapter 8. Changes
Chapter 9. Crimps
Chapter 10. The Spectator Peek
 Chapter 11. The Glimpse
Chapter 12. The Jog
Chapter 13. The Reverse
Chapter 14. Sundry Sleights
 Chapter 15. The Rear Palm
Chapter 16. The Perfect Faro Shuffle
 Part 2. Flourishes
Part 3. Technique
 Part 4. Tricks with Cards
Chapter 1. The Rising Cards
Chapter 2. Selected Tricks
Chapter 3. Birds of a Feather
Chapter 4. Routines
Chapter 5. One Hand Card Magic
Chapter 6. The Ambitious Card
Chapter 7. Using the Double and Triple Lifts
Chapter 8. DisCoveries
 Chapter 9. Mental DisCoveries
 Chapter 10. Reverses
Chapter 11. Spelling
 Chapter 12. Double-Faced Cards
Chapter 13. The Stranger Card
 Chapter 14. Self-Working Tricks
Part 5. Miscellany
Part 6. Misdirection
Chapter 2. Presentation

Details: Expert Card Technique: Close-up Table Magic

448 Pages, Soft Cover, Perfect Bound, Size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2"

318 Illustrations

Tags Book
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