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Expert Card Conjuring & Chicanery Parts 1 & 2

  • Lots of Contributors to this Volume!
  • A Must Read for a Variety of Card Effect!

Expert Card Conjuring Part One


Expert Card Chicanery Part Two

By Alton Sharpe

Two books, reprinted in one binding, by Alton Sharpe, the author who is famous for compiling the best routines by the best card magicians. Anyone who is familiar with this series by Sharpe knows they will be getting their money's worth. One trick used is worth the entire price of the book. Ed Marlo has contributed his pet moves and effects for a large portion of this book. He is joined by other pros like Bruce Cervon, Robert Parrish, Charlie Miller, and Senator Cradall. Many photos included, a total of 208 pages. 

Contents of

A must book for the card magician interested in a variety of effects!!

Contents of Expert Card Conjuring

 Foreword by Author
ii Introduction by Robert Parrish
iii Dedication
iv Ellis Stanyon

Part One: New and Improved Sleights by Marlo
3 Cover Up Shuffle
3 Perfect False Riffle Shuffle
4 Quadruple Undercut
5 Reverse Double Undercut
6 Marlo Slip Cuts
18 Slip Cut Routine
20 The True False Cut
21 The True False Cut as a Reverse
22 Further Handling for the Addition On Secret Card Add
24 Two Card Monte: Red and Black Ace
28 Double Lift Substitutes
38 Simple Tabled Reverse
40 The Simple Triumph
41 Cover Up Triumph
42 Palm Switch
43 Emergency Transfer
44 Marlo On the D'Amico Change

46 Part Two: Contributions from World-Renowned Experts
48 Hidden Count Down (Dai Vernon)
49 Dunbury Delusion Improved (Charlie Miller)
51 Miko Revisited (Robert Klause)
53 The Fifty-Fifty Mental Selection (Tony Kardyro)
55 Quadruple Sympathy (Robert Parrish)
57 A Lesson in Bridge (Ernie Bryan)
58 Second Deal Sam (Fred Lowe)
60 Expert Poker Demonstration (Al Sharpe)
61 Open Challenge (Alan Keith)
63 Drunken Cut Improved (Guyatt-Marlo)
64 Undercover Surprise (Thompson - Sharpe)
65 Supreme Ultra Mental (Harry Riser)
67 First Finger Fountain (Charles Aste, Jr)
68 Singler (Charles Aste, Jr.)
68 The Magic Split (Jimmy Nurro)
70 Surprise Reverse (Bruce Cervon)
71 Sandwich Surprise (Bruce Cervon)
72 Merely a Coincidence (Al Sharpe)
73 Double Prediction Chest (Al Sharpe)
74 Your Card Sir (Alan Keith)
75 A Futile Lesson In Open Spelling (E.G. Brown - Rosini)
77 Open Force (Senator Crandall)
78 Face Up Aces (Carmen D'Amico)
79 Vice-Versa (Jim Ryan)

80 Part Three: Choice and Select Marlo Miracles
82 Two Card Passe Passe
84 Marlo's Pellet Index
86 Speller Presentation
88 Unexpected Prediction
92 Prognostication Pack Improved
93 Marlo's Princess Trick
95 Position Prediction
98 Repeat Reverse Routine
103 The Called For Vanish
103 Methods and Ideas for Card to Wallet
107 Five Card Mental
108 Direct Aces
111 Card Vanish Supreme
114 Stik-Tack Trilogy
119 Another Dribble
120 Marlo's Wild Card
123 Quick 3-Way Version
125 Wild Selection
126 The Wild Purist
128 An Approach to the Stop Trick
132 A Logical Procedure
134 Transmutation
139 Borrowed Transmutation

Contents of Expert Card Chicanery

ii Introduction 

Part One

Bruce Cervon
3 All Shook Up 
5 18-31-35 Farrow 
6 18-35 Farrow 
7 Face Up Stacks 
9 Turn Me Over! 

11 Gene Nielsen
11 Sandwich Surprise 
13 Ultravellers 
16 Emanon 
19 Emanon Vanish AKA Meltaway 

21 Part Two

21 Ron Ferris
22 Kavorting Kings 
23 Girl Happy 
24 Dynamite 
25 Misbehaving Queens 

26 Dr. Jacob Daley
26 Dr. Daley's Switch Of Four Cards 

29 Part Three

29 Edward Marlo
29 Marlo's Super Ace Cutting 
31 Flash Spelling 
33 Jump-Jump Aces 
35 Repeat Challenge Poker Deals 
37 Simple Mental Five 
39 Faro's Simple Dream 
41 Delayed Double Climax 
43 Another Reflection 

47 Part Four

47 Alan Keith
47 Pre-Lude 
47 Clean-Up 

48 Paul LePaul
48 Baffling-Impossibility 

49 Eddie Fechter
49 You Brain Me 
50 Fechter's Fooler 

51 Mel Brown
51 Brain-Stack 

51 Lou Gallo and Ron O'Brian
51 Shuffle Off To Buffalo Miracle 

55 Lou Gallo 
55 Osrever S'ollag 

57 Steve Spillman
57 Addition To Open Travellers 

60 Carl Sten
60 Stenquist's Mexican Money Gimmick 
62 Once In A Knife Time 

64 Chris Gosselin
64 On Mother Kelly's Doorstep
- Pre-Kelly Palming
- Knocking the Pack
- Card Change

Details: Expert Card Conjuring and Chicanery Parts 1 & 2

208 pages, soft covers, perfect binding, size: 6" by 9".

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