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DVD - The Homing Card vol.#11 GMVL

  • A Classic Card Effect!
  • Learn The Proper Way to Perform It!

The Homing Card

This DVD is volume #11 in the Greater Magic Video Library

This volume of the GMVL focuses on one of the finest professional card effects of all time, used by professionals around the world! The Homing Card.

A wonderful entertaining, mysterious, and comedic effect! Watch the "pros" perform and explain this effect through their own routines. This effect is so stunning when performed properly that you will feel utterly compelled to add it to your act. It is also small enough to carry in your pocket!

Learn the routines from Billy McComb, Aldo Colombini, Antonio Ferragut Hurtado, Jim Krenz, and Trevor Lewis. Two jumbo card versions and three regular card versions. The classic bit of one odd card (queen) being eliminated from the others and laid on a table and then reappears time after time. It's all in the handling!

Details: The Homing Card 

2004 DVD media

Media Type Shipped Product

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