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Classics Revisited

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  • Soft covers, saddle stitched.

Classic Revisited

by Phil Willmarth

This booklet of notes is from a Lecture Mr. Willmarth did at the Tannen's 34th Magic Jubilee.  You need not have seen the lecture to get good value from this set of notes.

Contents Include:

  • A Snare for Silks by Norman Houghton
  • Nu-Way Grant Vanishing Knot
  • Release A Record (Courtesy of Jerry Mentzer)
  • The Thumb Tie
  • Slip Knot Penetration (Courtesy of Warren Stephens)
  • The Acrobat (New One Hand Knot)
  • The Chicken (instructions on how to fold a towel into a chicken shape)
  • John Willmarth's Spoon Unbending
  • Jean Hugard's Thumb Amputation
  • Stretching A Handkerchief 
  • Grandma's Needle
  • Willmarth's Stoppered Half Hitch
  • Harold Martin's Okito Coin Box & Handkerchief

DETAILS: Classics Revisited by Phil Willmarth
Copyright 1996, 28 pages, size: 51/2" x 8", soft covers, saddle-stitched.

The copies we have are Direct from the Phil Willmarth Estate

Quantities are VERY LIMITED 


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