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Slush Powder

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  • For Professionals Use Only!
  • Not A Toy!
  • This Product Should Be Kept Out of the Reach of Children!
  • Product Received May Differ from Pictured Container.

Slush Powder

Slush powder turns liquids instantly into Solids!

The magician waves his hands over a cup of water or almost any liquid, and the drink disappears. In its place is a solid material or the water can be shown to have vanished. 

Slush Powder lets you do the impossible! Armed with this secret weapon, you'll be able to perform miracles, instantly (and secretly) transforming most liquids into a solid, slushy mass.

With slush powder, you can:

  • Visibly morph a glass full of milk into a handkerchief!
  • Vanish a bowl full of water!
  • Change a glass of water into a snowstorm of confetti!
  • Vanish a shot glass full of liquid from your bare hands!
  • And much, much more!

Basic instructions for use are included but we suggest you check out the booklet we stock titled Slush! or the DVD on Slush Powder for more information, tips, tricks, and routines to use with Slush Powder.

NOTE: The Powder is Non-Toxic but should not be ingested or inhaled. For Professional Use Only! Keep Away from children under age 13 and all pets!

Product packaging pictured may change depending on our current supplier of this product. 

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Only 2 left!