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Magical Lollipop/Sucker

  • Price is for One Lollipop!
  • Contact us for bulk Quantity Orders.!

‚ÄčMagical Party Lollipop / Sucker

Yes! This is A Real Edible Lollipop! 

But We think You Find Other Creative Ways to Use It!

Like, adding it to a table centerpiece, place in a Birthday Goodie bag, Magical Giveaway, B.O.R. sell item...etc.

Featuring rabbit's ears emerging from a top hat, these suckers are perfect party favors and candy buffet items at an aspiring magician's birthday party. Each Lollipop is hand decorated and will vary slightly.
• Individually wrapped.
• Raspberry flavor.
• Size: 2" pops on 4" plastic sticks.
• Total wt., .7 oz.
• Fat-free.

• Ingredient, nutrition, allergen, and other product information are provided in the photo here for reference purposes only, without warranty or representation as to accuracy. Manufacturers adjust their labeling regularly and are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information. For general questions concerning these items, please contact our customer service.

To order larger quantities for a special event contact our offices for availability and discount pricing for bulk sales.


Media Type Shipped Product

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