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Magic Mini Cube Puzzle

  • Sold Individually!
  • It Twist & Turns!
  • Make Up Your Own Tricks with These!

 Magical Mini Cube Puzzle

Featuring classic magic show images, these puzzle cubes make great giveaways, party favors and back of room sales items. Add to a goodie bag, use in a table centerpiece as table decoration, etc.

Contact us for the availability of larger quantities.
• Material: Plastic.
• Size: 1 1/2" square

The images on the cube are as follows: One Image per side

  • Two Playing Cards
  •  A Top Hat
  • A Rabbit
  • Linking Rings & Wand
  •  Top Hat with Rabbitt Ears 
  • Rabbit Sitting in front of a Top Hat
  • The background colors are 3 are Red and 3 are sort of a light sandy color.
Media Type Shipped Product

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