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Jumbo Egg Finale by Fakini

  • Collector's Item!

Jumbo Egg Finale

Mfg. by House of Fakini

This giant egg is designed as a climax to an egg routine. Hollow with an opening to accept the multiplying eggs, the jumbo egg is concealed in a top hat or similar container.

This prop would be perfect for Easter type shows, Easter egg hunts, etc. Produce the Egg from under a bundle of silks. You could use this as a finale for an Egg Bag routine as well. Another idea would be to do a sponge ball routine and then change all the balls into the giant Egg as the finale.  Similarly, you could use this prop at Easter, etc. and do the "Multiplying Bunnies" and use the egg as a joke finale, since bunnies don't come from eggs.

There are No instructions included with this prop.

Please note: These Eggs have not been made in many years. We found 3 in the warehouse when we took over the business from Jerry Mentzer. The eggs were originally made by Frank Radtke's owner of House of Fakini. They come package in the original box that says "Multiplying Eggs", on the bright orange sticker that Frank used on all his products, although the other egg props were never included with the giant egg. We believe this item is now more of a collector's piece than something you might use. Google his name for some interesting info about him. I meet Frank in the 1970s several times at magic conventions he was a very nicety me and shared a lot of creative ideas. Frank is not what you'd call a small person and used the title  "The Fat and Fabulous Fasinator" for his performing name as he didn't want customer's to be disappointed when a 300+ pound man showed up to do little "Johnny's" birthday party. Sadly Frank passed away in 2009.

About the photos of this item: Note the two inch round  sponge ball and quarter are shown just to give an idea of the size of the Egg. The egg is 5 1/4 inches long and 3 1/4 inches when measured as it sits flat on the table on the hole. The name on the box doesn't match the item as this was the "Finale" to the "Multiplying Eggs". 

Skill level: None.


Media Type Shipped Product

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